The SeqNinja language supports comments and statements. Statements include actions, assignments and settings.

  • Settings configure options used implicitly throughout the rest of the script.

The following list outlines general conventions of the SeqNinja scripting language:

  • In a script file, a statement may be spread over multiple lines, but may not be placed on the same line as another statement.
  • Variables (e.g., file paths, etc.) are only stored in SeqNinja’s memory until the end of the session, or until overwritten, whichever occurs first.
  • White space and comments are always ignored.
  • Single-line comments can be added after typing the characters ; or //.
  • Multi-line comments can be added after typing the characters /* or */.
  • SeqNinja supports non-ASCII characters in filenames, but non-ASCII characters may not be used as variables.
  • Scripts with non-ASCII characters, including international characters, must be saved with the UTF-8 encoding, without byte order marks.
  • Double quotes should be used around individual file paths, whether in settings or sequence expressions. Double quotes inside of paths are never supported.
  • Single-quotes should be used to signify a file pattern.
  • Forward slashes are supported in file paths on both Windows and Macintosh. Backslashes are supported only on Windows. If a script is intended to be run on both systems, use forward slashes in file paths.

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