SeqNinja (also referred to as DNA*) is a utility for advanced editing of genome sequences and annotations.

SeqNinja allows you to edit an annotated sequence and examine the consequence of mutations, facilitating the process of adjusting sequence coordinates between assemblies. Other uses for SeqNinja include file format conversion; batch editing, export and translation of annotations; and merging (concatenation) and splitting of sequence data.

Each SeqNinja script consists of a user-created script, a list of operations that SeqNinja will execute in the order in which they are written.

  • Beginning users can easily create a script in the Visual view by clicking on a pre-defined template and completing the required fields.
  • Intermediate users can create a script in the Visual view by "stacking"” Toolkit panel items.
  • Advanced users may instead choose to type operations manually into the Text view. The Text view has some functionality that is not covered by the Templates and Toolkit.

Once the script has been created, simply click on the Run button () to run the script. The progress of the run can be monitored in the Console panel. At the conclusion of the run, the output will be saved in the file and format that was specified in the script, and the Run Results dialog will appear.

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