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Protean 3D - Software for Exploring Macromolecular
Structure, Motion, and Function


Protean 3D is Lasergene's application for exploring macromolecular structure, motion, and function. Rich, synchronized graphical views allow you to see the 3D molecular structure, the annotated sequence, and the analysis of applied prediction methods simultaneously, enabling easy identification

and analysis of secondary structure elements. Protean 3D also provides access to the Motion Library, where you can browse and search over 300 animated and annotated macromolecular conformational changes, and to NovaFold, which allows you to predict three-dimensional structures for protein sequences. To learn more, see the Features or Resources tab below.


PDF Icon White Paper: Precise Predictions of Linear B Cell Epitopes in Protean 3D

PDF Icon Poster: Enhancing B-cell Epitope Predictions by Integrating Protein Sequence and Structural Bioinformatics


"Fun and easy to use software that is top quality, which is what you expect from DNASTAR."

Emily Taylor, University of Cambridge


Explore Macromolecular Structure in Rich, Graphical Views

  • Take advantage of synchronized selection between the 3D structure, sequence, and structure explorer views
  • View and analyze protein structure predictions from NovaFold.
  • Display molecular and solvent accessible surfaces
  • Open multiple structures in the same document to view split entry structures or align similar structures.
  • Browse and search over 300 animated and annotated macromolecular conformational changes calculated by the Yale Morph Server Video See it!

    Evaluate Secondary Structural Characteristics

  • Choose from the extensive list of prediction methods provided to evaluate secondary structural characteristics such as amphilicity, charge density, disorder, flexibility, hydropathy, and more
  • Easily identify residues, binding sites, disulfide bonds, helices, and sheets using annotations from the sequence view
  • Predict B-cell epitopes based on protein sequence data (See PDF Icon White Paper)
  • Use the SUMOylation method to predict protein stability

    Easily Navigate and Customize

  • Use simple controls to rotate, move, and zoom the structure Video See it!
  • Change the color or the rendering of the structure from the available style views
  • Undock, resize, and move any of the panels and views to suit your needs
  • Consult the Details pane to see additional information on the current selection, including 2D structure, and biophysical and structural properties.

    Import/Export Files

  • Download PDB files directly from the Protein Data Bank
  • Import sequence-only files such as *.pro and *.gbk
  • Import multi-model PDB files to view conformational changes
  • Export any image of a structure as a PNG, JPG, or GIF file, and any animations as a QuickTime Movie, AVI format, or animated GIF file
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