Software for Gene Prediction and Annotation


Lasergene’s GeneQuest helps you to locate and annotate genes, regulatory elements, patterns, and structure in your primary DNA sequence. Its comprehensive set of analytical methods can be easily applied and manipulated for projects of any size. GeneQuest is fully integrated with GenVision, allowing for the creation of publication-quality images of your annotated sequence.


Features & Highlights


Gene Finding

  • Predict coding regions using Borodovsky's Markov method and identifying ORFs. The Borodovsky method finds potential coding regions by analyzing your sequence against statistical matrix files.
  • Predict intron/exon boundaries using species-specific pattern files for splice sites, start sites and transcription factor binding sites.
  • Align known genes, ESTs or proteins with your sequence. Analyze scores, which indicate how many bases in the two sequences matched.


Structure and Composition Analysis

  • Display restriction sites, features, and agarose gel separations of restriction digests.
  • View direct, dyad and inverted repeats applied to your sequence. The repeat summary view can be viewed to display all repetitive portions of your sequence in a single window.
  • Plot base frequency and base skew, RNA folding, and localized DNA bending.