Software for Publication-Quality Illustrations


DNASTAR's GenVision is a genomic visualization application that is designed to support easy generation of publication quality graphics and maps. GenVision is known for producing high quality images of annotated genomes, but it can also be customized to accentuate specific areas of interest, such as comparing gene functionality, illustrating gene expression levels, and visualizing the coverage in an assembled contig.


Features & Highlights


Visualize Data

  • Visualize large or complex data sets as linear or circular map illustrations
  • Visualize data comparisons such as gene functionality in different species
  • Illustrate gene expression levels from multiple expression experiments
  • Visualize the coverage in an assembled contig


Annotate and Customize

  • Import data directly from other DNASTAR applications
  • Add annotations as histograms, arrows, text labels or graphs drawn in relation to the genomic sequence coordinates
  • Create your image as PDF and PostScript files