DNASTAR Navigator

A Guide to all DNASTAR Applications

DNASTAR Navigator is DNASTAR's application for guiding you to the right place for the task at hand. Navigator gives you a high-level view of all of the DNASTAR applications available to you, and summarizes the functions in each so that you always know where to begin. Navigator also provides easy access to additional training resources such as videos, tutorials and FAQs to help you along the way. Navigator is included with all of our purchased and trial software free of charge.

Features & Highlights


  • View a summary of all DNASTAR applications, and easily see which ones have been installed and licensed.
  • Access the License Manager and enter the license key for newly-installed or updated software.
  • Read descriptions of each application and navigate to additional resources, including videos and tutorials.


  • Use the “application bar” feature to keep the Navigator accessible, but unobtrusive.
  • Search the help documentation from a subset of DNASTAR applications or from all DNASTAR applications simultaneously.
  • Access DNASTAR's online store to purchase or request a quote for additional suites or applications.