SeqMan NGen

Software for Next-Gen Sequence Assembly

The keystone of Lasergene Genomics Suite, SeqMan NGen is groundbreaking sequence assembly software that has the ability to assemble any size genome quickly and accurately on a desktop computer. SeqMan NGen assembles data from all major next-gen sequencing platforms, and provides an exceptionally easy-to-use interface that steps you through your sequence assembly and analysis project. SeqMan NGen is fully integrated with SeqMan Pro, so that once your assembly is complete, you can continue with downstream analysis including discovering SNPs and small indels using Bayesian statistical models, identifying large insertions and deletions, evaluating coverage, and annotating your consensus sequence. SeqMan NGen also aligns RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and miRNA data, as well as any combination of various project types, allowing easy, integrated, post-assembly analysis in ArrayStar of both gene expression and variant data. SeqMan NGen also now offers the ability to run and manage NGS assemblies directly on the Cloud using DNASTAR Cloud Assemblies.

Features & Highlights


Assemble and Align NGS Data Quickly and Accurately

  • Project parameters are automatically optimized based on data and project type
  • Multiple samples can be aligned against a single reference simultaneously for post-assembly variant comparison between individuals and groups of individuals
  • Automatically annotate assembled transcripts from a de novo transcriptome assembly using DNASTAR's proprietary transcript annotation tool. Results can then be used as a reference set for RNA-Seq gene expression studies or sent to NovaFold for protein structure prediction.
  • Combine and analyze multiple NGS projects from different workflows, such as RNA-Seq and ChiP-Seq, CNV and miRNA assemblies, or other combinations desired for your analysis. Analyze and filter the combined data in our powerful ArrayStar application, and then visualize and compare your assemblies in GenVision Pro.
  • Run and manage NGS assemblies directly on the Cloud using DNASTAR Cloud Assemblies


Perform In-Depth Post-Assembly Analysis with Ease

  • SNP and genotype calling in haploid and diploid organisms performed using Bayesian statistical models
  • Utilize DNASTAR's human variant annotation database, which bundles together data from dbNSFP as well as 1000 Genomes and ESP's Exome Variant Server, making variant analysis more convenient than ever.
  • Structural variant report available for identifying large insertions and deletions as well as small indels in reference-guided alignments
  • Depth of coverage graphs and reports, consensus annotation, and contig scaffolding offered for comprehensive project analysis and finishing
  • Visualize and compare genomic data in GenVision Pro, then export publication-ready images of your data

Next-Gen Software For All Major Sequencing Technologies