NovaFold Antibody

New to Lasergene 14 is NovaFold Antibody, a new workflow specifically designed to generate models of antibodies and antibody fragments (Fv, Fab, VH, sdAb) and, with the use of NovaDock, predict the structure of antibody-antigen complexes. The NovaFold Antibody algorithm utilizes a combination of homology modeling and ab initio loop prediction, resulting in highly accurate predictions.



NovaFold Antibody can be accessed on the Cloud through NovaCloud Services on our website or within Protean 3D, or as a command-line application run on Linux. For more information, please check out the Nova Applications User Guide, the NovaFold Antibody technical requirements, or contact us.



PDF icon Lasergene Structural Biology Suite Overview

Features & Highlights


  • Provide sequences for the light chain, the heavy chain, or both
  • Search a library of antibody frameworks, or provide custom template
  • Model Fv, Fab, VH, sdAb in minutes
  • Ab initio loop modeling for H3 (up to 15 residues)



  • Automated annotation of CDR loops
  • View prediction results in Protean 3D for further structure analysis and rendering
  • Export structure as publication-ready image