Software for Advanced Primer Design

PrimerSelect was the first primer design application within Lasergene, and has now largely been replaced by the primer design capabilities within SeqBuilder. However, we still include PrimerSelect with every Lasergene system because it can be useful for some advanced primer functions, such as adjusting mispriming parameters and creating a primer catalog. 

Features & Highlights


Customize Primer Design

  • Determine the best primer pairs or probes for PCR, sequencing, and hybridization experiments. Use the entire template, or a sub-range of the sequence, using coordinates from the feature table.
  • Store your existing primers in a catalog, and add to the catalog as you discover new ones.
  • See major and alternate PCR product sites simultaneously. View the melting temperature difference between the primers, the difference between annealing and melting temperatures, and the amplified product length.


Optimize Results

  • View primers with restriction maps, reading frames and translations.
  • Analyze tables of amplification details, primer base compositions, primer lengths, Tm and Delta G.
  • Customize parameters for primer and product length, primer locations, Tm, and hairpins.
  • Edit the template sequence and share newly created features through integration with SeqBuilder and other Lasergene applications.