Protean 3D

Software for Exploring Macromolecular Structure, Motion, and Function

Protean 3D is Lasergene's application for exploring macromolecular structure, motion, and function. Rich, synchronized graphical views allow you to see the 3D molecular structure, the annotated sequence, and the analysis of applied prediction methods simultaneously, enabling easy identification and analysis of secondary structure elements. Protean 3D also provides access to the Motion Library, where you can browse and search over 300 animated and annotated macromolecular conformational changes.

Protean 3D also offers access to the Nova products, including:

Features & Highlights


Explore Macromolecular Structure in Rich, Graphical Views

  • Import protein structure or sequence files, or download PDB files directly from the Protein Data Bank. Or import multi-model PDB files to view conformational changes.
  • View and analyze protein structure predictions from NovaFold, antibody structure predictions from NovaFold Antibody, and protein docking predictions from NovaDock.
  • Open multiple structures in the same document to view split entry structures or align similar structures.
  • Directly annotate protein sequence and structure files.
  • Browse and search over 300 animated and annotated macromolecular conformational changes calculated by the Yale Morph Server.


Evaluate Secondary Structural Characteristics

  • Starting with a structure or protein sequence file, evaluate a broad selection of secondary structural characteristics such as amphiphilicity, charge density, disorder, flexibility, hydropathy, and more, by applying prediction methods.
  • Easily identify residues, binding sites, disulfide bonds, helices, and sheets using annotations in the Sequence View.
  • Predict B-cell epitopes based on protein sequence data.
  • Use the SUMOylation method to predict protein stability.
  • Export images as a PDF, PNG, or JPG file, or export a fully-editable image to PowerPoint.