SeqBuilder Pro

Software for Sequence Editing and Annotation, Automated Virtual Cloning, and Primer Design

SeqBuilder Pro is the newest application in the Lasergene suite, and replaces SeqBuilder as our application for sequence editing and map creation, as well as for plasmid auto-annotation, automated virtual cloning, and primer design. SeqBuilder Pro also allows you to verify clone integrity with Sanger sequencing results, and perform large-scale batch edits to streamline your workflow.

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 Introducing SeqBuilder Pro (2:38)

Features & Highlights


Virtual Cloning & Primer Design

  • Choose from a variety of cloning methods, including Gateway multisite, Gibson Assembly, GeneArt, InFusion, TA, TOPO and restriction cloning. After the insert and vector (either cataloged or custom) are selected, use the wizard to automatically create the virtual clone.
  • Validate cloning results, using aligned Sanger data to verify insert orientation and integrity, and evaluate mismatches
  • Create customized primer pairs near the ends and in the same reading frame as the gene.
  •  Modify primers by changing their lengths, introducing restriction sites, creating mutations and changing codon usage.
  • Create a PCR insert for TA cloning from the PCR product of the current primer pair.


Sequence Editing, Annotation & Analysis

  • Quickly and accurately auto-annotate your sequences — either one at a time or as a large batch — using a carefully curated database of features.
  • Streamline your workflow with large-scale batch editing: automatically concatenate, translate, reverse complement, or extract features from multiple sequences simultaneously
  • Quickly search and select enzymes using our responsive search feature, or apply groups of enzymes based on the frequency of cuts, type or class, site complexity, or overhang compatibility.
  • Search for sequence files based on name, features, or a snippet of the sequence.
  • Translate DNA or back translate protein using the genetic code of your choice.
  • Easily import a VNTI database or SnapGene files.