SeqMan Pro

Software for Contig Assembly and Analysis, Including SNP Discovery, Coverage Evaluation, and Project Annotation

Lasergene’s SeqMan Pro offers quick and accurate sequence assembly and analysis of Sanger data, in addition to providing visualizations and analysis of next-gen projects assembled by SeqMan NGen. Discover variants, analyze coverage, annotate your consensus, and much more. SeqMan Pro projects can also be exported to GenVision for publication-quality graphical images of the assembly.

Features & Highlights


Visualization and Analysis of NGS Projects from SeqMan NGen

  • Paired-end support for data from a SeqMan NGen assembly to visualize the orientation and distance between contigs.
  • Take advantage of comprehensive variant analysis, including a wide range of available filters, and mutliplex support, allowing you to view variants on a per sample basis.
  • Save selected variants from your project in a custom VCF SNP table for use in subsequent assemblies.
  • View coverage and RPKM values for targeted regions in exome capture projects.
  • Utilize the structural variant report for identifying large insertions and deletions, as well as small indels, in reference-guided assemblies
  • Export variant data to ArrayStar for large-scale variant comparisons and gene-impact analysis between multiple individuals and groups


Sanger Sequence Assembly and Analysis

  • Assemble Sanger sequences de novo or with a reference sequence.
  • Utilize paired-end data, if desired, to visualize the orientation and distance between contigs.
  • Use the Primer Walking feature to drive closure or to fill in areas of low coverage.
  • Live, interactive SNP reports allow you to view information about a putative SNP while at the same time, viewing it in the context of the Alignment View.
  • Annotate your consensus in a variety of ways, including adding features from a BLAST search.

PDF icon White Paper: Accuracy of De Novo Assembly of Sanger Trace Data: SeqMan Pro Versus Three Alternative Pipelines

PDF icon White Paper: Sanger Data Assembly in SeqMan Pro