Supported Sequencing Technology: Illumina

As an Illumina user, you will find that Lasergene Genomics Suite enables you to effortlessly assemble and analyze your sequencing data for the following project types:

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Our software uses parameters that have been optimized specifically for Illumina data and provides full support for Illumina multiplexed data, merge pair data, and paired-end sequence data.

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Illumina Assembly Accuracy

The white paper below provides a comparison of Illumina gene panel and whole exome assembly results from two industry-leading pipelines: the BWA read-mapper in combination with the Broad Institute’s Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) Unified Genotyper variant caller, and the BWA read-mapper in combination with the GATK Haplotype Base Caller.

Results demonstrate that SeqMan NGen 12.2 (part of Lasergene Genomics Suite) achieves better sensitivity and increased coverage compared to the BWA+GATK workflows. SeqMan NGen 12.2 also assembles the data and performs variant calling three times faster than the BWA+GATK pipelines. The results from this comparison show that Seqman NGen is a fast, high accuracy read-mapper/variant caller for Illumina sequencing data.

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