DNASTAR Lasergene Next-Gen Sequencing Software
Pacific Biosciences Sequencing Software


Supported Sequencing Technology: Pacific Biosciences

As a PacBio user, you will find that Lasergene Genomics Suite enables you to effortlessly assemble and analyze your sequencing data for the following project types:

  • De novo genome assemblies
  • De novo transcriptome assemblies
  • Reference-guided genome assemblies
  • Targeted amplicon re-sequencing
  • Whole genome/whole exome validation
  • Large-scale, multi-sample SNP analysis
  • Our software uses parameters that have been optimized specifically for Pacific Biosciences data and provides full support for Pacific Biosciences multiplexed data.


    Many scientists use PacBio data in combination with data from other sequencing platforms to gain the advantage of each platform while partially or fully overcoming any deficiencies of any individual platform.  SeqMan NGen and SeqMan Pro have been designed to take full advantage of hybrid assemblies using multiple sequencing technologies.  We would be pleased to discuss successful hybrid assembly strategies with you.  Please contact us for more information.


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    Benchmarks: Pacific Biosciences Reference-Guided Assembly
    Data Set
    Sequence Technology
    Reference Sequence
    Genome Size (Mbp)
    Number of Reads (M)
    Number of Bases (Mbp)
    Read Length (bp) Coverage

    Assembly Time

    Fluidigm® Access Array System (2 multiplexed data
    sets) Data provided by Pacific Biosciences.
    Pacific Biosciences Fluidigm human amplicons 0.1 < 1 7 180 500X 1 Min.


    *All projects completed on a desktop computer that Dell sells for < $3,000.