Microarray Gene Expression Analysis

Lasergene Genomics Suite Clinical Research Software

Gene expression characterization information is important in gaining a better understanding of how multiple genes react in different conditions or over time. This ultimately can provide better insights into the controlling functionality of different genes in certain situations. DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite for Clinical Research includes ArrayStar, an application offering multiple statistical analysis tools and visualization options to allow researchers to quickly and easily identify expression patterns of interest and focus on the relevance to a specific research project. Features of ArrayStar enable you to:

  • Normalize your data using a variety of available methods, including RMA, PLIER, quantile normalization, and average summarization
  • Analyze your data through viewing annotations, statistical analyses, and multiple clustering algorithms
  • Use advanced filtering capabilities to quickly examine and re-examine data based on different experimental assumptions
  • Organize, manage, and print your gene sets of interest from the Gene Set List view

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