Gene Discovery Software

Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite software offers gene discovery capabilities in its GeneQuest application that provide researchers with a set of quick and easy tools for identifying and annotating coding regions. Applications for identifying ORFs, splice junctions, transcription factor binding sites and restriction sites along with other parameters necessary to identify and characterize genes enable the identification of regions that match user defined DNA or protein sequences. Features of the Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite software enable you to:

  • Predict coding regions using Borodovsky's Markov method and identifying ORFs. The Borodovsky method finds potential coding regions by analyzing your sequence against statistical matrix files.
  • Predict intron/exon boundaries using species-specific pattern files for splice sites, start sites and transcription factor binding sites.
  • Align known genes, ESTs or proteins with your sequence. The score printed on the region plot indicates how many bases in the two sequences matched.
  • Export your completed, annotated sequences to GenVision to create publication-quality visualizations.

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