DNA, RNA, Protein Sequence Alignment Software

Sequence Alignment Software for DNA, RNA, and Protein

Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite software provides MegAlign and MegAlign Pro, two applications offering DNA, RNA, and protein sequence alignment using a range of pairwise and multiple alignment methods. From the sequence alignments generated, phylogenetic trees as well as reports and tables that show the numerical data underlying the comparisons can be created. Features of Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite's sequence alignment software enable you to:

  • Align DNA, RNA, protein, or DNA + protein sequences via pairwise and multiple sequence alignment algorithms including MUSCLE, Mauve, MAFFT, Clustal Omega, Clustal W, ParaSail, Jotun Hein, Wilbur-Lipman, Martinez Needleman-Wunsch, Lipman-Pearson and Dotplot analysis. 
  • Easily create sub alignments by selecting ranges of longer alignments to create neat blocks of similarity or to remove the ‘ragged’ termini due to length variance in your data.
  • Download sequences directly from NCBI or a database using accession numbers, BLAST, or text searches to match the highlighted segment of your current sequence or to add a search result to your current project.

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