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Technical Requirements

 NovaFold Local, NovaDock, and NovaFold Antibody

NovaFold is DNASTAR's protein structure prediction software which can be run on the Cloud or locally on a server at your organization.

These requirements are for the local version of NovaFold, NovaDock, and NovaFold Antibody.

Technical Requirements

  • DNASTAR License Server
  • Docker version 18.03.1-ce*
  • 64-bit Linux machine with CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, or Ubuntu 16.04
  • Multi-core processor (x86-64)
  • 100 GB disk space
  • 16 GB RAM

*For other Docker versions or Linux distributions and versions, please contact us.

Note: For more information regarding the set-up required for running these products, please see Installing and Running Nova Applications.