You can open multiple projects within a single instance of MegAlign Pro. Each project is displayed in a separate tab and is initially assigned a unique name (Untitled[#].msa).

To make a project the active project:

Click on its project tab.

To open an additional MegAlign Pro window:

Select the Window > New Window command.

To navigate between open projects:

One instance of MegAlign Pro may include multiple open projects. Each window is displayed in a separate tab.

One tab, the Welcome screen, is always present by default unless it has been manually closed. To make another project active, click on its tab.

If you cannot see all the window tabs in a project, press the >> icon that appears to the right of any visible window tab(s). This icon is displayed when multiple view windows are open and the main MegAlign Pro window is too small to display all the tabs. Click on the icon to open a yellow popup “window chooser” with a line for typing in text at the top, and a list of open projects below.

Use your mouse to click on the window you want to make active. If you do not have a mouse, make a selection using the keyboard arrow keys, then press Enter. To instead search for a project using a filter, type text into the text field and press Enter. The text field supports the “?” and “*” wildcards.

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