Before mapping features in MegAlign Pro, you first need to add and align the sequences.

  1. If you have not yet downloaded and extracted the tutorial data, click here to download it. Then decompress (unzip) the file archive using the method of your choice.
  1. If a MegAlign Pro project is already open, choose File > New Alignment Project. Otherwise, launch MegAlign Pro.
  1. Choose File > Add Sequences, or click on the Add sequences to project tool ( ).
  1. Navigate to and open the demo data folder Lasergene ‘x’ Data\Demo MegAlign Pro\Drosophila project, where ‘x’ denotes the Lasergene version. This folder contains two similar sequences for Drosophila simulans chromosome X.
  1. Use Ctrl+A (Win) or Cmd+A (Mac) to both sequences and click Open.
  1. To rename the first sequence, right-click on the sequence name in the Sequences view or Overview and select Rename. Type in the new Label (see table below) and press OK. Do the same for the second sequence.
Type Original sequence label New label
Feature source sequence (.gbk) CM002914 D. simulans PRJNA170244 chrX
Target sequence (.fas) gi|62998559|gb|CM00168.1| D. simulans PRJNA12464 chrX
  1. If sequences are not already ordered as in the image below, drag one above the other so they are.

  1. To align sequences with Mauve using the default parameters, choose Align > Align Using Mauve or click the Align tool arrow ( ) and choose Align Using Mauve.
  1. Use File > Save to save the project with the name Drosophila project.msa.

Proceed to Part B: Map a single feature.

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