MegAlign Pro supports searching for strings of nucleotides or residues that match a typed query of IUPAC code letters.

By default, the search tools are hidden. To display them, click on the Search tool () in the upper right of most views. This causes the search tools to be displayed on the top left of that view.

  1. If you plan to search within one particular sequence, select it in any view. If you plan to search within the consensus, skip this step and continue to Step 2.
  1. From the Find drop-down menu, choose In consensus to search only the consensus sequence or In selected sequence to search within the sequence selected in Step 1.
  1. Type the query into the text box to the right of the drop-down menu in the form of a string of IUPAC codes. Use nucleotide codes for DNA/RNA sequences and amino acid codes for protein sequences.

If the box is disabled, this signifies that you have chosen In selected sequence without yet making a sequence selection. To enable the text box, select a sequence.

  1. Use the green right/left arrows to jump to the next/previous find.

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