The Tree view shows evolutionary relationships predicted from the multiple sequence alignment.

  1. Click on the Tree tab at the bottom of the MegAlign Pro window. Press Neighbor Joining: BIONJ and then OK to calculate the tree.

The Tree view is calculated using the current Distance metric which is currently the default value Tamura-Nei (1993).

Note that the MegAlign Pro tree is always unrooted, regardless of the methods used for the multiple alignment and distance calculations.

  1. Hover your mouse over a node where branches meet and click on the minus sign symbol to collapse those branches. The branches collapse and are replaced by a triangle and text showing the number of branches that were collapsed.


  1. Select some of the uncollapsed branches by clicking on any vertical line towards the left of the tree. The selected branches are highlighted in blue.
  1. Now’s your chance to get creative. Change the look of the Tree view however you want using the Style panel’s Tree section. You can use the drop-down menus, change background and outline colors for various elements (by pressing the color box icons), and/or type different numbers into the text boxes. For a description of the many tree customization options, visit the topic Tree section.

  1. If desired, save the project using File > Save, or by clicking on the Save tool ().

This is the end of the Clustal Omega alignment tutorial.

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