1. The current names of each sequence originated from the accession numbers that were embedded in the input files. Before viewing the phylogenetic tree, you can change these names to show the organism from which each sequence originated:

    1. Use Ctrl+A or Cmd+A to select all of the sequence names.

    2. Right-click on the highlighted group and select Rename Sequences with Fields, or choose Edit > Rename Sequences with Fields from the main menu.

    3. Select Default name from the right pane and click the left arrow (blue) to remove it. Then select Organism from the left pane and click the right arrow to add it. Click OK.

The sequence labels now reflect the species names:

  1. To display the Tree View for the active blocks, click on the Tree tab at the bottom of the MegAlign Pro window.

The contents of the Tree view (and also the Distance view) are specific to the currently selected block only.

  1. In the Overview, double-click on different blocks in the Overview and see how the branch lengths, or (sometimes) the tree itself, change.

  1. To order sequences in the other views so they match the tree, select Tree > Order sequences like tree.
  1. If desire, save the project using File > Save, or by clicking on the Save tool ( ).

This is the end of the Mauve alignment tutorial.

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