Observe that the sequence blocks in the Overview are now the same lengths. Sequence gaps are represented by gray coloring within the blocks.

The light blue vertical column shown at the left of the green blocks, above, is a "viewport" showing which region is currently being displayed in the Sequences view. The width of the viewport will vary depending on the zoom levels in both this view and the Sequences View. You can use the mouse to drag the viewport to whichever region you wish to see in the Sequences view.

  • Using the mouse, slide the viewport to the far right, and then back to the left. At the same time, notice how the Sequence view slides in the same way.
  • To navigate to a particular residue in the Sequences view, double-click anywhere on a block in the Overview. The viewport will move so that it is centered on the selection.
  • Use the horizontal zoom slider in the Sequences view to zoom in and out. As you do this, notice how the width of the viewport in the Overview changes.

Proceed to Part C: Change sequence names and rendering in the Sequences view.

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