1. When the mapping initiated in Part D is finished, click the hyperlink to the output directory.

  1. Open both All features_map_features_1_report.tsv and CDS-RB features_map_features_1_report.tsv in any suitable spreadsheet editor.
  1. Observe that the output file All features has many more data rows than the file CDS-RB features. That’s because in the latter case, non-CDS features and features without a note containing the letters “RB” were omitted from feature mapping.
  1. Of the remaining rows, look in the Variation column and see that some features were mapped and others weren’t. This assignment was based on the %Coverage and %Identity thresholds.
  1. In each spreadsheet, find rows in which the Coverage and %Identity columns are between 80 and 90%. In which mapping project were these features mapped, and in which were they “Not_mapped”?
  1. When you are finished, close both spreadsheets and return to the MegAlign Pro window.
  1. Once in MegAlign Pro, click OK and then Close to close the Map Features-related dialogs.

Proceed to Part F: Export the annotated target sequence.

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