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DNASTAR Webinars for Sequence Analysis Software, Next-Gen Sequencing Software, Primer Design Software, Gene Expression Software

DNASTAR offers free, online webinars led by our own scientific and technical experts as another resource for helping you get the most out of our software. Register for one of the scheduled webinars below, or request a topic for a future webinar.


We are also happy to schedule one-on-one training webinars by request. Contact us for more information.


"Ryan's webinar was really helpful; I've been using the Lasergene Core Suite for years, but still learnt a few new things from the webinar."

Marie-jo Medina, University of Leicester


Upcoming Webinars
Aaron Reynolds

Introduction to DNASTAR Assembling and Analyzing Sanger Sequencing Data

Presented by: Farhan Quraishi
August 27th, 2014 at 12:00 pm EDT

In this webinar, DNASTAR's Farhan Quraishi will give a live demonstration of our software tools for both de novo and reference-guided Sanger sequence assembly and analysis workflows.



Archived Webinars
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  • 2012

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Advanced Sequence Editing and Annotation  Advanced Sequence Editing and Annotation

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Protein Structure Prediction Webinar  Protein Structure Prediction using Lasergene Structural Biology Suite

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Introduction to DNASTAR  Identifying Causal Genes of Rare Mendelian Disease using Lasergene

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