DNASTAR NovaFold 12.3 Structure Prediction Software Released

MADISON, Wisconsin – July 23, 2015 – DNASTAR announced the release of NovaFold 12.3 today, with significant enhancements to the world-leading NovaFold protein structure prediction software.  Based on I-TASSER, the software that has won the Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP) competition for the past 10 years, NovaFold 12.3 can be run internally or on the Amazon cloud, predict structures for proteins of virtually any size, and allows users to incorporate custom model templates to enhance prediction results.


Tom Schwei, Vice President and General Manager of DNASTAR, said, “NovaFold 12.3 represents a strong step forward in the structure prediction domain. By providing a fully flexible software program, DNASTAR is making the world’s best protein folding software available to all scientists wherever and whenever they need it.  We appreciate the I-TASSER foundation on which NovaFold has been built and the strong reputation of Dr. Yang Zhang and the University of Michigan in developing award winning software.  Combined with DNASTAR’s commercialization capabilities, we have built a winning team for developing and delivering outstanding protein structure prediction software to all scientists globally.”



DNASTAR, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, is a pioneer in the development and sale of software used to increase life scientists’ productivity using their desktop computer, internal servers or on the Amazon Cloud.  DNASTAR’s comprehensive software suite, Lasergene, and NovaFold support molecular biologists, geneticists, and structural biologists in meeting virtually all of their DNA, RNA, and protein sequence needs, including Sanger and next-generation sequence assembly and analysis, protein sequence and structure analysis, and protein structure prediction with easy to use, affordable, flexible computer software.



Tom Schwei
Vice President & General Manager
Telephone:  608-237-3082
U.S. Toll Free:  866-511-5090