The Features screen is the first wizard screen of the Map Features dialog, and allows you to choose the features you want to include or exclude in the mapping.

  • Use the upper drop-down menu to elect to map All features, Features matching those you will specify in the subsequent row(s) of the dialog, or Features except those specified in the subsequent row(s).
  • Use the lower drop-down menu to select the feature type to match (or not match), e.g., gene, CDS, exon, intron, mRNA, tRNA, promoter, misc_binding, etc. To specify more than one feature type, use the plus (+) button to add additional “Features” rows. If you want to further limit the search to features matching (or not matching) particular qualifiers, check the Filter box, then choose a qualifier (gene, /product, /locus_tag, /note or /db_xref) from the drop-down menu to its right. In the right-most textbox, enter the text that the qualifier must match or not match (e.g., /gene = thrL) in order for the feature to be removed in the output file. You may use wildcards in this box if you wish (e.g., /gene = thr*).

The image below shows an example of how the screen might look after specifying the desired options:

Click Next to move to the Options screen.

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