To print an image of any MegAlign Pro view, whether it is currently active or not:

Choose File > Print or use Ctrl/Cmd+P. The Print Document dialog opens:

  • Use the Printer drop-down menu to choose the desired printer from a list of available options.
  • Specify the view you wish to print using the Content to print menu. Choices may include: Overview, Sequences View, or Tree View. Depending upon the selection, additional options may appear just below this drop-down menu.
    • Overview and Sequences View - To print only a sub-range of the alignment, type the left and right residues into the Range of alignment boxes (if an alignment has taken place) or Range of sequence boxes (if alignment has not taken place).

    • Sequences - To specify how many residues to include on one line, type in a number from 1-100 next to Residues per line. Check the Include dividing lines box if you wish to include separators between the header, sequences, and footer.

    • Tree - Check Fit to page to automatically size the tree to fit on a single page of the size specified in Page Size (see below).
  • Specify the top, bottom, Margins by typing a number in the associated box and choosing the units (inches, cm, etc.) from the nearby drop-down menu.
  • Choose whether to print in Portrait or Landscape orientation.
  • Under Page Options, use the checkboxes to specify what to include in the footer: footer text, date and time and/or page numbers. If you check Include footer text, the footer will incorporate the text just below the checkbox. By default, this is the path and MegAlign Pro project name (or only the default project name, for unsaved documents), but you may type in any text that you wish.
  • Click the Print with options link if you want to launch the default Print dialog for your computer.

Choose Cancel to exit from the MegAlign Pro Print Document dialog without printing. Click Print to print using the selected parameters, or Print with Options to open the Print dialog for your computer’s operating system. The generic dialog can be used to specify additional options, such as the page range and number of copies to print.

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