If a single sequence has been selected in any view, the Details panel may contain a subset of the following information:


The default name, if present, appears in blue above ‘Organism.’

  • Organism – The organism from which the sequence originated, if available.

  • Description – A description of the selected sequence, if available.

  • Sequence typeDNA, RNA, or Protein.

  • Nucleotides/Residues – Number of nucleotides or residues in the selected sequence.

  • Accession number – The NCBI accession number of the selected sequence.

  • Sequence shapeLinear, Circular, or Unknown.

  • Sequence version – The NCBI version number (the part following the decimal after the accession number).

  • Data specification – The name of the sequence file and the “sequence name within the file,” followed by the file extension.

  • Data file time – The time the sequence file was created or modified.

  • Data file path – The path to the original sequence file on your computer.

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