MegAlign Pro supports searching for sequences by their name or by any text stored as part of the sequence (e.g., the description or the name of a feature).

By default, the search tools are hidden. To display them, click on the Search tool () in the upper right of most views. This causes the search tools to be displayed on the top left of that view.

  1. From the Find drop-down menu:

    • If you are in any view other than the Pairwise view, choose Sequence name.

    • If you are in the Pairwise view, choose in which sequence to search: In target or In query.
  1. Type a text query into the text box to the right of the drop-down menu. The query should be some part of the sequence name, a feature name, part of the sequence description, etc. If your query is wider than the search box, you can hover over the search box to view the entire query.

  1. Use the green right/left arrows to jump to the next/previous find.
  1. (optional) If you wish to limit or expand the search, use the check boxes in the search bar:

    • Check Match case to find only exact matches using the same case as the query term.

    • Check Wrap around if you would like to start searching the sequence again from the beginning or end once you have searched through the sequence using the green arrows.

    • Check All fields if you would like to search for text contained in the sequence file (e.g., in the description or a feature name). If you only want to search for sequences with the query in the sequence name, leave this box unchecked.

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