The left side of the MegAlign Pro window is comprised of one or more “views.” To learn more about the types of views and how to change their appearances, click the links below.

View types:

To learn how to select, display and customize views:

See Customize the look and layout.

To access a different instance of a view:

Some DNASTAR applications, including MegAlign Pro, allow multiple instances of a view to be created. For instance, if you select a pair of sequences and use Align > Align Pairwise — and repeat that three times — MegAlign Pro will create three separate Pairwise views. As shown in the image below, the view tab shows how many views of that type are in that tab folder.

To display a different instance:

  1. Hover over the view tab until you see a popup showing each instance by name.
  1. Click on the desired instance.

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