In this part of the tutorial, you will map all features from the source sequence to the target sequence.

  1. Right-click on the name of the source (upper) sequence and select Features > Map Features to Bottom Sequence. The Map Features wizard launches.
  1. In the Features screen, use the drop-down menu to select All Features, then press Next.
  1. In the Options screen, keep the defaults and press Next.
  1. In the Output screen, type in the Project nameAll features” and use the Browse button to specify where save the project.
  1. Click OK to initiate feature mapping. When mapping is finished, click OK and Close. The output sequence will be examined later in this tutorial.
  1. To prepare for the next part of the tutorial, remove the features you just added to the target sequence by right-clicking on the lower sequence name and choosing Features > Remove Features From Selected Sequence. When prompted, click Yes.

Proceed to Part D: Map a filtered set of features.

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