To export a picture of a view as a still image:

The method below can be used to save a “screenshot” from the Structure, Analysis or Sequence views or to export a still image from an animated sequence.

  1. Choose File > Export Image.
  1. In the Save dialog, enter a File name and make a selection from the Save as type drop-down menu. Depending on the view, you may be able to save the image as a .pdf, .png, .jpg, .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint), or .gif file.

If you are exporting the Structure view, another dialog will open.

  1. Select the desired export options:
    • Choose from available image resolution using the Resolution drop-down menu.

    • In the Width and Height boxes, type in numbers or use the up/down arrows to specify numbers for the image size. If the chain icon is unbroken, making changes to either of these items will automatically cause the other to change proportionally.

    • The unbroken chain icon () denotes that the aspect ratio (proportions) of the image are constrained by default. If you wish to size the Width and Height independently, click the icon to “break” the chain ().
  1. Click the Export button.

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