For most selections made in the NovaFold report, the Details panel provides the information shown in the table below.


The molecule name.

  • Residues - Number of residues in the sequence.

  • Started - Date and time the prediction was submitted to the NovaFold server.

Displays the settings from the NovaFold Option screen.

  • Function - Displays whether binding sites were Predicted or Not Predicted, depending on whether or not Predict ligand binding sites and protein function was checked in the NovaFold Options screen.

  • Models – The number of prediction models created.

  • Templates – The number of model templates used.

  • Simulation - The simulation effort, which describes maximum simulation runtimes [Extended, Quick].

  • Homologs - Whether templates are filtered based on sequence identity [Included, Excluded].

  • The first three items in this section (Prediction ID, Version, Library) are for diagnostic use only.

  • Computation – The time in hours and minutes needed to create the prediction.

Click Send template alignment to MegAlign Pro to launch the MegAlign Pro application already populated with the alignment of the query sequence against the top ten threading templates.

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