What's New in Lasergene 14.1?

We are excited to announce the release of Lasergene 14.1, an upgrade that includes new features and improvements in each of our three key areas of research — Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, and Genomics. Check out the sections below and watch our video to see how Lasergene 14.1 can help you do more with less.

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New Plasmid Auto-Annotation Functionality

For our Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite customers, this is huge. We've added the ability to accurately automatically annotate your sequences — either one at a time or as a large batch — using a carefully curated database of features. Simply select your sequences and SeqBuilder will provide you with a list of matched features for your consideration. The curated feature library used by SeqBuilder may be customized as well, by adding your own features to the database, by selecting only specific features or types to be included in the auto-annotation process, and by specifying the default appearance for annotated features.

Advanced mRNA Isoform Analysis

Our popular RNA-Seq workflow now allows you to take another critical step in gene expression analysis with the ability to easily visualize and analyze mRNA isoforms. We've built this functionality into GenVision Pro by adding Sashimi plots, which display the depth of coverage for each exon (shown as a bar graph) alongside arcs representing the number of reads split across each junction. As with all tracks in GenVision Pro, the appearance of Sashimi plots is fully customizable, including user-defined thresholds for the number of split reads required to display an arc, and the maximum arc length.

Genomics Users: Working with Sets Just Got Easier

In the course of virtually any genomics workflow, identifying a group of genes, variants, peaks, or fragments of interest within ArrayStar is typically a desired step in the process. We've now made it easier to work with these sets by allowing you to send them as a group to GenVision Pro for further analysis. Once in GenVision Pro, we keep the set together and keep track of your navigation history, making it easier for you to go back and forth between areas of interest.

Now Export Editable Images to PowerPoint

Both MegAlign Pro and GenVision Pro, with their visually stunning graphics, have always been favorites for exporting graphics for publication. But with Lasergene 14.1, we've added a little something extra — now export your sequence alignment or genomic tracks to PowerPoint as an editable image. Once in PowerPoint, you can un-group the elements of the image and resize, re-color, re-label, or edit virtually any aspect of the image to meet your presentation needs.

Faster and More Accessible Structural Biology Suite

Our Structural Biology Suite customers perhaps saw the most significant changes in our last release, and we are continuing to add improvements for Lasergene 14.1. NovaDock contains major speed improvements, coming out about twice as fast for most protein-protein docking experiments. And we've added more accessibility for NovaFold, for protein structure prediction, by offering access to run predictions through NovaCloud services on our website — and non-commercial users can predict their first structure for free!

New Protein Feature Annotation in Protean 3D

You told us you wanted to be able to create and edit features in Protean 3D, and we heard you. In Lasergene 14.1, you now have the ability to add and edit new features, as you predict and analyze protein structure, motion, and function.

Additional Updates in Lasergene 14.1

  • Access to new JASPAR database of transcription factor binding profiles for ChIP-Seq projects
  • Ability to directly import FASTA and GenBank-format genome sequences into GenVision Pro
  • Quick at-a-glance readability of SeqMan Pro alignment through the addition of standard alignment coloring

Lasergene 14.1 Released Applications

The most current released version of all Lasergene applications for Windows is 14.1.2, included in the DNASTAR Lasergene 14.1b installer.

The most current released version of all Lasergene applications for Macintosh is 14.1.0, included in the DNASTAR Lasergene 14.1a installer.

For current customers, all of our upgrades are included as part of your service plan. If you have a current (non-expired) service plan, you may login to access the latest version of your software.

If you are not a current customer, feel free to try out Lasergene 14.1 by downloading a fully-functional free trial, or request a quote to purchase.