Lasergene 14 is here!

We are pleased to announce the release of Lasergene 14 — a project we have been working on for many months. This major release offers new functionality and significant improvements to support each of your three key areas of research — Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, and Genomics — includes two new applications and dozens of new workflows. Check out the sections below and watch our video to learn more.

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Streamlined virtual cloning and several new cloning methods

For our Lasergene Molecular Biology Suite customers, we've made major improvements to our very popular cloning workflow, by adding a new interactive window that provides access to all of our available cloning methods, and visually guides you through selecting your inserts and vectors to create your virtual clone. We've also added several new cloning methods to SeqBuilder, including Gibson Assembly, GeneArt, and In-Fusion cloning.

GenVision Pro for visualizing genomic data

We are pleased to introduce a new application in Lasergene 14, GenVision Pro, which offers a new way to visualize your genomic results. GenVision Pro makes it easy to visualize, browse, and compare multiple genome-scale assemblies, including data combined from multiple project types.

Sanger validation workflow for NGS assemblies

For our customers who perform sequencing for clinical research, or who want to validate their NGS assemblies with Sanger data, we are introducing a new Sanger validation workflow where you can view and analyze Sanger and NGS sequencing data in a single project.

NovaDock: our new application for protein docking

With the Lasergene 14 release, we introduce NovaDock, our first protein-protein docking application. NovaDock predicts atomic interactions between any two proteins, and works in conjunction with Protean 3D to visualize results. NovaDock utilizes the SwarmDock algorithm, which explores protein flexibility when docking, resulting in more accurate predictions.

NovaFold Antibody for antibody structure prediction

As another addition to our Structural Biology Suite, we are also introducing NovaFold Antibody, a new workflow designed to predict antibody structures, identify antibody-antigen binding sites, and, with the use of NovaDock, predict the structure of antibody-antigen complexes.

Combined workflows for NGS projects

With Lasergene 14, you now have the ability to combine and analyze multiple NGS projects from different workflows, such as RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq, CNV and miRNA assemblies, or other combinations desired for your analysis. Simply assemble your projects together in SeqMan NGen, analyze and filter the combined data in our powerful ArrayStar application, and then visualize and compare your assemblies in our new GenVision Pro application.

Added functionality for de novo transcriptome workflow

In Lasergene 13, we introduced a powerful new de novo transcriptome assembly and auto-annotation workflow. With the Lasergene 14 release, we've improved upon that workflow, allowing you to easily remove rRNA and contaminants, and perform adapter trimming to help you obtain the most appropriate annotated transcript results more efficiently.

Lasergene 14 Released Applications

The most current released version of all Lasergene applications is 14.0.0. All of these applications are included in the DNASTAR Lasergene 14.0a installer.

For current customers, all of our upgrades are included as part of your service plan. If you have a current (non-expired) service plan, you may login to access the latest version of your software.

If you are not a current customer, feel free to try out Lasergene 14 by downloading a fully-functional free trial, or request a quote to purchase.