See What's New in Our Latest Release

Lasergene 15.2 includes several enhancements to our Molecular Biology, Genomics and Structural Biology suites. Here are just some of the features that are included with this release:

  • Agarose gel simulations in SeqBuilder Pro
  • More high-throughput sequence editing capabilities in SeqBuilder Pro, including automated sequence sampling for post-assembly data processing
  • Ability to browse protein animations from SeqBuilder Pro
  • Comprehensive pairwise alignment, powered by ParaSail, that dramatically improves performance through hardware optimization in MegAlign Pro
  • Addition of DESeq statistics for RNA-Seq analysis
  • Multi-sample NGS assembly in the DNASTAR Cloud
  • Neighbor search feature that allows you to model and interrogate the area around a mutated residue in Protean 3D
  • Protein composition analysis in Protean 3D
  • Several bug fixes and enhancements in all suites

See our version comparison guide and release notes below for more details about specific changes in this, and previous releases.

PDF icon Lasergene Version Comparison Guide

Lasergene 15.1 Release Notes

  • New clone verification workflow in SeqBuilder Pro
    • Align Sanger sequencing reads to determine insert identity and orientation
    • Detect and evaluate sequence mismatches
    • New verification report to interpret cloning results
  • High-throughput editing capabilities in SeqBuilder Pro
    • Batch translate and reverse complement groups of sequences
    • Concatenate multiple sequences
    • Extract features to sequence file
  • Higher capacity, 64 bit SeqBuilder Pro application
  • Generate hypotheses about the effect of mutation on structure stability and energy with the new SNP to structure workflow
    • Integrated PDB annotations for genomic variant analysis projects in Lasergene Genomics Suite
    • Ability to see effect of genomic variation on protein structure using Protean 3D

Lasergene 15.0 Release Notes

  • Introduction of SeqBuilder Pro for cloning, PCR primer design, sequence editing, and annotation
    • Easily navigate between synchronized views and rearrange views and toolbars
    • New zoom-level sliders and auto-placement for large groups of restriction enzymes
    • Search and select enyzmes with our new responsive search feature
    • New "compact view" that mimics the EditSeq layout
    • Multi-selection support
  • Mutate one or more single residues on a protein structure in Protean 3D, and calculate whether these changes are likely to be destabilizing compared to the original structure using DFIRE calculations
  • Reduced detection of false positives identified during SNP calling with enhanced read mapping option for whole genome alignments
  • Auto-naming of primers in SeqBuilder Pro
  • Ability to directly import SnapGene files into SeqBuilder Pro
  • Support for aligning subsequences in MegAlign Pro
  • Import of gapped FASTA alignments in MegAlign Pro
  • Export of editable images in PowerPoint and PDF in Protean 3D
  • Full feature editing in Protean 3D
  • Integration of NovaCloud applications into Protean 3D
  • Improved handling of GFF files in SeqMan NGen

Lasergene 15 Released Applications

The most current released version of all Lasergene applications 15.2.0, included in the DNASTAR Lasergene 15.2 installer.

For current customers, all of our upgrades are included as part of your service plan. If you have a current (non-expired) service plan, you may login to access the latest version of your software.

If you are not a current customer, feel free to try out Lasergene 15 by downloading a fully-functional free trial, or request a quote to purchase.