Once you have created a GenVision Pro session, the next step is to add data.

To add this type of data… …see this topic Where data type appears in GenVision Pro How to view the data
.assembly files created in SeqMan NGen Add assemblies Experiments section of the Explorer panel Double-click on a row to make the selected experiment active in the Analysis view and Overview.
.seq files

.sbd and .sbp files created in SeqBuilder Pro

.msa files created in MegAlign Pro

Reference chromosomes in .fasta, .fas, .gb, or .gbk format
Add sequences Chromosomes section of the Explorer panel
Genomes from NCBI Add genomes from NCBI Chromosomes section of the Explorer panel
BED files (.bed)

Wiggle files (.wig)

GenVision box files (.txt)
Add tracks Tracks panel Check the box next to the track name to view this data in the Analysis view.

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