The Tracks panel lets you manage tracks displayed in the views.

To open this panel, do either of the following:

  • Click on the Tracks tab ().
  • Use the View > Tracks > Tracks command.

The uppermost part of the Tracks panel lets you specify which tracks are visible, and configure their options and appearance. Put check marks next to available tracks that you wish to display, and remove check marks next to tracks that you wish to hide. For information about each track type, including user-editable options for the track, see Work with Tracks.

To move up or down the list of tracks, either use the mouse wheel or use the vertical scrollbar on the right.

To see the detail tracks that have been checkmarked for display, expand one or more rows in the Overview and/or Analysis view by clicking the relevant plus sign icon ().

Below the list of tracks are two expandable sections:

  • Layout lets you change the height of a track and create blank space above and/or below the track.
  • Options lets you optimize how tracks appear in the Overview and Analysis view.

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