When you perform a search for a gene, feature or numerical sequence location using the navigation tools or the Edit > Go to Place command, each found location is automatically stored in the Recent section of the Places panel.

Access this section by clicking on the Places panel expand bar entitled Recent or by choosing View > Places > Recent.

Recent locations are listed in the same order in which they were added, and the list is saved whenever you save a session.

  • To return to a location on the list, make a selection from the list and press the Go to this gene or location button ().
  • To save a location on the list to the Favorites section (similar to bookmarking a page on the Internet), make a selection from the list and press the Add this place to Favorites button (). Alternatively, make a selection from the list, then right-click on the item and choose Add This Place to Favorites.
  • To remove all items from the Recent list, right-click in the Recent section and select Clear Recent.

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