At the top of the GenVision Pro window are eight button-style tools, as well as a set of navigation tools. In the bottom right corner of each view, GenVision Pro offers two additional button-style tools for selecting the screen mode.

You can toggle between showing/hiding the toolbar using the command View > Show/Hide Toolbar.

The following table describes the ten button-style tools.

Name Tool Keyboard/Mouse Option Description
Create a new session Shortcut to the File > New GenVision Pro Session command. See Create a new session for details.
New assembly with options Shortcut to the File > New Assembly with Options command. See Create a new assembly using SeqMan NGen for details.
Open a file Shortcut to the File > Open command. See Open an existing session for details.
Save session Along with Ctrl/Cmd+S, this is a shortcut to the File > Save Session command. See Save, Close and Exit for details.
Add assemblies to session Shortcut to the File > Add Assemblies command. See Add assemblies for details.
Add sequences to session Shortcut to the File > Add Sequences command. See Add sequences for details.
Download and add a genome to this session Shortcut to the File > Download and Add Genome command. See Add genomes from the NCBI for details.
Add tracks to session Shortcut to the File > Add Track command. See Add tracks for details.
Show whole genome Same as opening the Genome view or choosing (Genome) from the navigation tools drop-down menu. All available sequences (i.e., the whole genome) will be displayed in the Overview. This is default state of the Overview when a selection has not yet been made.
Full screen Shortcut to the View > Full Screen command. Undo by clicking the Esc key or the Exit Full Screen icon () at the bottom of the full-screen view.
Change layout Lets you choose how many views are displayed and how they are laid out. See Customize the appearance and layout of views for details.

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