After opening a SeqMan NGen assembly in DNASTAR’s ArrayStar application, you can send up to 100 data rows from its Gene Table or SNP Table directly to GenVision Pro using the File > Send Selection To > GenVision Pro command. When you do this, each row exported from the ArrayStar table is automatically stored as a “bookmark” in the Received section of the Places panel.

Access this section by clicking on the Places panel expand bar entitled Received or by choosing View > Places > Received.

Received locations are listed in the same order in which they were added, and the list is saved whenever you save a session.

  • To return to a location on the list, make a selection from the list and press the Go to this gene or location button ( ).
  • To save a location on the list to the Favorites section (similar to bookmarking a page on the Internet, make a selection from the list and press the Add this place to Favorites button ( ). Alternatively, make a selection from the list, then right-click on the item and choose Add This Place to Favorites.
  • To remove all items from the Received list, right-click in the Recent section and select Clear Received.

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