To export a consensus sequence:

  1. From the Tracks panel, check the boxes pertaining to read tracks.
  1. In the Analysis view, select a read track. A toolbar pops up at the track’s top left corner.
  1. Click the Export data tool (). The Export Consensus popup dialog appears.

    1. Use the drop-down menu to choose from FASTA file, GenBank file or Lasergene DNA file formats.

    2. If you wish to preserve gaps in the consensus, add a checkmark next to Include gaps.

    3. If you wish to include bases that were only found in the reference sequence and not in any read sequences, add a checkmark next to Include reference-only bases as ‘N’.

    4. Press OK.
  1. When the consensus export is complete, you will see a hyperlink for it in the Status column of the Jobs panel. Click the link to download the sequence to your computer.

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