If a single feature has been selected in a track in the Overview or Analysis view (e.g., by clicking one time on the feature), the Details panel contains the following information. Note that the tooltip displayed when you hover over a feature is a subset of the Details panel information for that feature.

Heading The heading contains:

  • The feature name, in blue.
  • Type – Feature type.
  • Left and Right – The inclusive coordinates of the beginning and end of the feature range.
  • Length – Length of the selected feature in nucleotides or residues.
Location The location of the feature, as a set of one or more segments.
Properties This section shows properties of the selected feature. The properties included vary based on the type of feature and the annotations present in the original data file.
Translation This section is displayed only for some CDS features. When present, it displays the NCBI /translate feature qualifier.
Notes This section is not available for all features.

  • note – The NCBI feature qualifier of the same name.
Actions Select Subsequence – * Shortcut to the menu command|topic=Menu Commands *Edit > Select Subsequence. Double-clicking on the feature fulfills the same function. See Make a Selection for more information.

For additional information about working with features, see Features panel.

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