Features are displayed as colored arrows in the Overview and the Analysis view. In this part of the tutorial, you will learn to toggle between displaying/hiding features, and to view features that are not currently visible.

  1. To see an information balloon for any feature, hover over the feature. Try clicking on the feature. This displays the same information in the Details panel on the right, where it can be copied and pasted into a text document.

  1. Right-click on the word Features in either view and select Show Track Options. This command opens both the Tracks panel and the Options section associated with the selected track type; in this case, Features.
  1. Note that there are two “Feature” check boxes in the Tracks panel; one under Overview details and one under Sequence details. Experiment with unchecking and rechecking these two Features boxes to toggle feature display in the views. Check both boxes before moving to the next step.
  1. The GenVision Views display several rows of features, by default. If you wish to see additional rows of features, use the up/down triangles near the right end of the features display. These arrows are connected by a semi-transparent blue bar.

    An alternative is to hover the mouse over the bottom of the track, then grab the resize bar and drag it downward.

Proceed to Part C: Investigate sequence coverage.

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