If a single sequence has been selected in any view, the Details panel may contain a subset of the following information:

Heading The label used in the Analysis view and Overview, in blue.

* Organism – The organism containing the chromosome, if available.

* Description – A description of the selected chromosome, if available.

* Sequence type – Type of sequences in the assembly (DNA or RNA).

* Nucleotides/Residues – Number of nucleotides or residues in the selected chromosome.
Properties Note that the Properties for a sequence show information about a single assembly (not all assemblies) loaded into the session. The information here pertains to the first loaded assembly that covered the chromosome of interest.

* Accession number – The NCBI accession number of the selected sequence.

* Assembly name – The name of the assembly where the sequence or chromosome is located.

* Assembly path – The file path to that assembly.

* Assembly time – The time the SeqMan NGen assembly finished.

* Assembly type – The type of assembly performed in SeqMan NGen, if available (e.g., Exome/Gene Panel).

* Sequence shapeLinear or circular, if specified in the reference sequence.

* Sequence version – The NCBI version number (the part following the decimal after the accession number) for the sequences in the chromosome or contig.

* Template name – SeqMan NGen’s name for the assembly template, usually the same as its NCBI accession number. Example: In the image shown at left, the Template name is the accession number of the human ‘X’ chromosome.

* Template short name – May match the label displayed in the Overview or the default name originating from the Genome Template Package used to create the assembly.
* Data specification – The name of the sequence file, including extension.

* Data file time – The time the sequence file was created or modified.

* Data file path – The path to the sequence file in the assembly.
* Rename – Shortcut to Edit > Rename.

* Rename with Fields – Shortcut to Edit > Rename with Fields.

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