To view and analyze a selected entry from ArrayStar:

  1. Create or open a project in DNASTAR’s ArrayStar application.
  1. Open any table and locate a row with a position of interest. Select the row and choose File > Send Selection To > GenVision Pro or right-click on the row and choose Send Selection To GenVision Pro. GenVision Pro will launch and load the corresponding contig(s) or chromosome(s). If your project contains multiple experiments, all experiments will be loaded into GenVision Pro.
  1. (optional) To move to a new location on the sequence in GenVision Pro, repeat Step 2 using a different table row.

The following video shows this workflow in action:

This next video shows an RNA-Seq workflow that begins with assembly in SeqMan NGen, proceeds to downstream analysis in ArrayStar, and then uses ArrayStar’s Send Selection to GenVision Pro command to open the results in GenVision Pro. Once in GenVision Pro, the Sashimi track is applied. (GenVision Pro section begins at 2:41).

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