Tracks are rows of information pertaining to a header, footer, or individual sequence row in certain GenVision Pro views. Tracks may be displayed or hidden by check or unchecking boxes in the Tracks panel.

The following tracks can be applied, removed or (in some cases) edited:

Some tracks may change in appearance depending upon the zoom level.

Where does the data used to build a track come from? When you open an .assembly file (or folder of these files) in GenVision Pro, the information contained in the file is parsed out for display as data tracks. For example, as of Lasergene 17.3, GenVision Pro can create the following tracks for each experiment or assembly: a reference sequence, reference ruler, reference features, read tracks, coverage plots, and Sashimi plots (if present). If the assembly project involved BED or WIG files, these are also available as tracks. Track data can also be imported manually or can be calculated by the application itself (e.g., Ruler and Numeric tracks).

The following table shows tasks that affect the display of tracks within the views:

Task How to…
Display a track in the views
  • To display a specific track in all views, check the box next to the name of the track in the Tracks panel.
Hide one or more tracks in the views Do one of the following:

  • To hide a specific track from all views, uncheck the box next to the name of the track in the Tracks panel.

  • To hide a specific track in one view only, right-click on the track within that view and choose Hide Track. Alternatively, select a track and use Edit > Delete or press the Delete key.
Change the vertical height of a track In the Analysis view or Overview, hover your mouse over the bottom middle of a track to enable a slider. Grab the slider and pull to reveal more or less of that track.

Add white space around a track To add white space around a track in the Analysis view or Overview, select the track name in the Tracks panel, then use the sliders in the Layout section.
Access the options for a particular type of track Do either of the following:

  • Right-click on a track in a view and choose Show Track Options.

  • Click View > Tracks > Options or open the Tracks panel and click the Options bar ( ), then specify the track of interest by clicking on its name in the Tracks panel.
Automatically organize tracks in the Analysis view Use Analysis > Order Tracks Ascending (or Descending) By > Category (or Name). These commands are especially useful if you are viewing a large multi-sample project with multiple tracks applied to the view. Sort by Name to group tracks by experiment name. Sort by Category to group tracks by track type.
Change the order of a selected track in a view Open a sequence row to view its track. Then drag a track label (e.g. “Features”) to the desired position among the other tracks and drop it there. Note that if you turn off some tracks in the Tracks panel and add them again later, they will appear in the order in which their boxes were checked.

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