To create a new assembly from within the GenVision Pro application, do either of the following:

  • From the Welcome screen, click the New tab on the left and then choose New assembly with options on the right.
  • From within a GenVision Pro session, click on the New assembly with options tool in the top left ( ).
  • Choose the menu command File > New Assembly with Options.

All of the above cause SeqMan NGen to launch at the Welcome screen. Choose the desired workflow from the Workflow screen and proceed through the wizard to set up the assembly. For more information, consult the SeqMan NGen User Guide.

The assembly status will appear in GenVision Pro’s Jobs panel. Depending on the data type and workflow, the results may launch automatically in SeqMan Ultra once the assembly finishes. If they don’t, you can open them in SeqMan Ultra by clicking the blue link in the Status column. To learn more about using SeqMan Ultra, consult the SeqMan Ultra User Guide.

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