In many cases, once you have selected text, data, sequences or subsequences, you can copy the information to the clipboard. The copy functions described below are accessible using menu commands, context menu commands (i.e., “right-click options”), and/or keyboard shortcuts.

  • Edit > Copy or Ctrl/Cmd+C – Copies the selected text, just as it appears in the view.

    • If a portion of sequence or one or more features are selected, this command copies the selected subsequence(s) as one long string, including the gaps. The subsequence is copied as one long string, without line breaks. If the selection extends across multiple members of the alignment, names are included as prefixes.

    • If a selection is made in the Style panel and in dialogs, use Ctrl/Cmd+C.
  • Edit > Copy As FASTA – Copies the selected text or data in FASTA format.

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